Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Friday

It's Official--I can have fun with Stephanie anywhere. Thursday night I decided to try something new. I would venture out for "Black Friday" and see if I could get any great deals for Christmas.

Now if you know me you know that I am generally a happy person. In fact, there are only a couple things I can't stand: 1. shopping--with the myriad decisions--where to park, where to shop, what to look at, what to buy; and 2. crowds--now I know the crowd thing surprises you because I seem like such a "people person." But crowds have always horrified me. I love visiting with friends and I am happier if I have been with people (but I usually can't remember that when in my home alone)--but I hate crowds.

Well, Black Friday I thought it important to begin in the middle of the night, before I was comfortable and warm in bed. So Stephanie and I got in the car at 11:55 p.m. to venture to WalMart. There we found no parking places and no walking spaces. The isles were littered with people just waiting for new deals to begin or to pay for the treasures they found. I felt I was back in Korea and shopping in Dong Dae Moon. The crowds pushing back as I try to move forward.

It didn't take long to realize I am not ready for WalMart madness, but Stephanie and I ventured next door to the Kohl's store. We were in line outside the store by 1 a.m. The temperature bitter and the wait long, but Stephanie and I settled in for the wait. We read our new favorite book, talked, laughed, shivered and basically had a great time. Just before the doors opened J-- and K-- joined us for the actual shopping exploits. The deals were amazing and the crowds unbelievable. Somehow I feel a little more American today because I experienced "Black Friday." Thank you Stephanie, K--, and J-- for exposing me to modern American Fun.


  1. I'm a fairly recent convert to Black Friday, too. I have to say -- I enjoy it when I'm with others. Glad your first outing was successful.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I still have never ventured out for Black Friday. Last year Brenton and I had plans to and of course ended up sleeping in, and this year we have a 3-month old, and there's no way I'd put him through those crowds. I'm impressed you waited in the cold outside, and glad that it was fun for you!

  3. Black Friday is the shopping nightmare trifecta: Lots of people, no parking, and no sleeping. Props to you for venturing out. I have discovered online shopping. I can shop at my leisure and mostly in a reclining position. And then my stuff is delivered to ME. While I'm reclining. If only they would bring it right in and then feed me grapes it would be PERFECT.