Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Kindergartener is Doomed

My dentist, not wanting to scare my youngest with all of his technology, took time to show W his "glasses."  You know those dentist microscopes they wear on their eyes. 
The dentist said, "Do you want to see my funny glasses?" 
W's response, "They are not funny, they are lovely!"
Later upon seeing the before mentioned eyewear on the dentist's face he changed his mind. . .
"Actually, they are quite silly." 

How will an undersized boy ever survive grade school saying words like "lovely," and "actually."  I have doomed him.  My new resolve is to never tell him his painting is "lovely" again and I have been practicing words like "AWESOME," in the mirror to try to make them sound believable. What other words should a kindergartener know?  I am looking for suggestions.

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  1. "Nice" is in every kindergartner's vocab, right? Lance wants to bring this word back into adult use.