Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank you for getting me re-addicted to Bachelorette

Several seasons ago I secretly watched the Bachelor for the first time.  I would finish my homework near midnight or even closer to one in the morning and turn on an episode promising myself (I will only watch until the first commercial break).  I had a blogging friend who had perked my curiosity and somehow I chose the show over much needed sleep.

But the next seasons were a disappointed and I thought I had broken the bad habit--until I read "Home Court" description of the opening night of Emily Maynard's season.  I was hooked before I had even seen the show.

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 I know longer watch late at night.  Tonight, my children all joined me in the voyeuristic viewing, and tomorrow, I will be looking for Home Court Haven's explication of the event.  I hope next season will be terrible again so I can once again break this habit. But until then, please keep blogging Home Court.

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  1. Amy, thank you so much for your nice comments about my blog posts! It was totally unexpected and so nice of you. It means a lot to have people say they have enjoyed something that I wrote. I just finished my recap of last week's episode:

    It's late, but think of it as an appetizer for tomorrow night's hometown dates. I'd love to hear any comments or feedback that you or your readers have for any of my posts! :-)