Sunday, October 14, 2012

The End of the World as You Know It

I grew up hearing 2012 is the end of the world--at least according to the Mayan calendar, but I never gave it much credence.  But this year has been the end of the life I have known in many ways.  I got hit emotionally today with the onslaught of these changes as I realized today would be the last day to enjoy my gardens. I went into the garden armed with my camera to capture the moment before it was gone, but for this tomato plant, it was already too late.  And somehow, this Roma tomato plant became the visual representation of all that my life is right now.  

I have been blessed with a full, bustling life. With six amazing children that are legally mine, and one more that I claim--my life is sometimes seemed hectic, but always full and complete.  But somehow this summer, a new chapter has begun--even as I have been too busy to let myself notice. My husband's change in career has necessitated my going back into the work force, and I began to say goodbye to my grown children.  Katy was the first to leave--to Romania to serve the people there. 

Jeremy left just days later.  I dropped him at the airport for an early flight to NY where he will play college lacrosse.  Saying goodbye was incredibly sad and I thought my heart would break. But I had to be at work moments later not affording time to grieve.      

I had several weeks before I said good-bye to Stephanie too.  In that time, Tom received the priesthood in our church. . . 

And Will got baptized. . . 

 and I spent many hours with the extended family enjoying the fountain Jeremy made before he left.  I can't be out in the garden without appreciating the love offering of his time and effort to create the lovely focal point.                                              

Autumn seemed to be held off for extra weeks. I enjoyed the garden and my family during my precious hours at home.  But eventually, autumn would have to come and Stephanie would have to leave too. 

Stephanie's farewell was wonderful.  She did a great job, speaking with the power and conviction of her soul.  And then on Wednesday, we said good-bye.  The weather was warm and perfect. And we all felt God's peace. 

Today was my first time since the the season of good-bye and change began that I had a quiet moment. . . .and I went to the garden for solace.  I enjoyed the end of the roses and the beginning of the chrysanthemums. 

I took time to enjoy the small flowers
and the overabundance of the the entire flowerbeds. 

The smell of the alyssum and petunia . . .

                            The taste of the grapes from the grapevine Jeremy planted last summer.

I spent time with the cosmos that reach the top of my 6' fence. 

I enjoyed the beauty of the fruit still attempting to ripen.

 And the beauty of my backyard roses. 

 I savored the blackberries that were originally given to me by a dear cousin 

And stopped to visit the wild spots of the yard where my wild flowers still grow.

I even found a perfect strawberry ready for eating.  (These plants were starts from another dear friend.)

I picked the watermelon, cantaloup and honeydew that were almost ripe.   Even unripe, they were sweeter than any from the store.  I had my fill of the fruit of my garden.

And I enjoyed the taste and smell of the parsley and mint.  

It is true, the Roma tomatoes will probably not make it even though I will hang them in my garage.  The summer was not long enough because I didn't plant in time.  But there was so much more to be grateful for.  I went out in the garden feeling my life was spent like this tomato plant, but with each gift of fruit and beauty I realized God has given me so much.  My life and my yard is complete with all I could hope for.  Each of my children have spent time with me in this yard that began a rock field full of clay.  We created this beauty and bounty that mirror the love and beauty of home.  

I lingered in my garden, noticing that I have different variations in plants I thought were the same and realized I can't give up on this glorious life.  I have four amazing kids at home still.  

Life is good.

I didn't notice any of the weeds today, the grass growing in my flowers only added beauty.  I will pick the grass out another day, and focus on the problems that need to be addressed.  But today, I am enjoying the beauty of my life. 


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  2. Amy, what a beautiful post! I appreciated the beauty and peace that I felt as I read it. Your family is great--due in large part to your efforts and prayers on their behalf. I just wish I had been able to be a part of some of the recent festivities! I especially loved the baptism picture of Will!