Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things I love

Those of you who know me probably realize I having dualling needs. I feel the need to be home surrounded by my children, flowers, and books(the recluse impulse) and the need to connect with friends and family. This week I have had the best of both these needs. I have enjoyed hours in the garden with the best of friends and family. You know what I mean, the friends you can talk with about everything. Not just the "eveything is great" acquaintance, but the friend who has seen down to the depth of my soul and somehow still "gets me".

Thank you dear friends for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with me as I planted vegtables, folded laundry, and took care of the children and chickens.

I am grateful:
---for spontaneous lunch dates that feel like a party without the pressure to clean my home.
---for honesty--the kind that goes down to my soul and somehow makes me happier and a better person.
---for extravagant fruit (to me anyway) like unexpected strawberries or mango.
---for lovers of great art, great music, and great writing.

I love:
---Great Kids who still like to hang with their mom,
---late night movies,
---wise old friends (even if they are only 1 1/2 years old),
---subway sandwhiches
---fruit trees,
---lacrosse games
---the best friends anyone could ever hope to have.

Thank you!!! (You know who you are)!

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  1. Great. The one week I don't talk to you. :(