Monday, August 10, 2009

What is Wrong With Me and other Random stuff

3 Months and I have not written ONE thing. Not just a blog, but not a note, an e-mail, nor a journal entry--nada. I don't feel like I am in a funk. I have been happy and content, but unable to put two words together coherently. I have not just been incapable of writing, but nearly incapable of reading. So what have I done with my time? Well
--Tore out my kitchen island, moved other cabinetry, electricity etc. to remake my kitchen into somewhere I want to be.
--Rediscovered the joy of spray paint and basically sprayed nearly every inch of the same kitchen.
--Mowed lawns
--Stayed up watching movies with the teenagers
--Long talks about Art and Asia and Children and Music
-- Reconnected with extended family in Arizona
--Swam with family and dear friends
--Watched the ants and the wasps
--Made jam
--and played and played the piano.
It's been a GREAT Summer.


  1. Did you take before and after pictures of the kitchen?

  2. i'm so grateful for your summer. love you.

  3. You did all that and still want to write? Are you really super mom???? LOve ya

  4. Wow, Sounds like you were making the memories so that when things slow down you will have loads to write about. Life is wonderful that way. So Enjoy now write later.

  5. Amy, Matt was reading over my shoulder and said who's kitchen is that? I said yours and he said wow! That really looks good! You would never know that was their kitchen. (Just thought you would like to know - he still likes it)

  6. Did you take the whole pictures of your kitchen.
    Life is wonderful that way. So Enjoy now write later.


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  7. Nice work! Did you know that my "handle" is "handymom"? Because I used to do lots of remodeling and computer ripping apart and stuff. That's what one does when one's husband is not around very much :) Congrats on being a handymom!