Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Power of Words

I have been thinking about words and their impact on our lives. Both the words we voice and also the words that ruminate inside our minds. The Bible tells us that the world was created because "God said" (Gen. 1) and the beloved apostle begins by emphasizing that in the beginning was the Word---yes, I do believe in the power of words and so, for me and the myriad of little medical hiccups me and mine have right now, I have chosen a vocabulary that brings joy and comfort. So, for any friends wanting to speak of these little annoyances the following terms may come in handy:

Breast reduction= doesn't that sound more glamorous than a lumpectomy. Never mind that everyone I have told I am getting a breast reduction has said, "Really? You hardly have any to begin with." Technically, they may be right, but extra weight is extra weight. I have been dying to get rid of some of my extra poundage and now I get to have it surgically removed--seriously, that is glamorous.

Diet pills=blood thinners for Kim's Deep Vein Thrombosis. Now, for you word lovers like me--isn't it great to be able to say 'Deep Vein Thrombosis." Kim believed it might be a great name for a band. Kim is fortunate enough to be on medication to thin his blood. Certainly with all the pills out there to thin someone's backside, why hasn't someone wanted to thin their blood?

TOSH (a premier orthopedic facility)=the day spa. Did you know that when you go to TOSH they have special equipment to warm you all the way through and then they message you with lotions and creams? And the trip often includes fruit juices and cookies.

So, you see, my life has never been more glamorous--breast reductions, diet pills, and day spas have been filling up my days since school got out in April. What a glamorous summer I am having. Thanks for laughing along with me. I consider myself blessed because of your friendship and love.


  1. That is awesome. And considering that you can actually drop $100K in a day at TOSH--that makes TOSH the most posh of all the day spas!

  2. Well goodness...I had no idea about any of it :( Sorry... I'm here in Denver with Select. Where are you??