Thursday, June 24, 2010

'W''s Five-year-old Musing

True conversation while driving home from the cousins' house:

W: "Is Chuck Norris a good guy?

Me: "Well, he generally plays a good guy on T.V."

(Long Pause)

W: "Is Barak Obama a bad guy?"

(Longer pause)

Me: "Well, no, I guess he probably isn't? He certainly doesn't seem to want to value our constitution."

(Longer pause still)

W: "Is Glenn Beck a good guy?" (I didn't even know he was aware of Glenn Beck)

Me: Yes, I think he is a good guy.

W: "So Glenn Beck is like Chuck Norris."

(You've got to love his logic).


  1. Fantastic. That just made my whole day! I love the logic behind that. Every time I listen to Glenn Beck from now on it will remind me of Chuck Norris. Awesome!