Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I thought I was a great mom today . . . until.

Today was the first day 'Little Darling' did not have any arguments or tantrums about potty training. I rewarded him with way too much time on the computer game Spore. Somehow his 'guy' has transformed from a worm looking thing to being inside spaceships. I think this quite remarkable because the directions are all written and he can't read. With 'Little Darling' preoccupied, I began racing through my home cleaning the mess that had accumulated this week.

It is amazing how good I feel about my mothering skills when my kitchen counters shine and the floors are vacuumed and mopped. I just sat down to work on some more writing feeling pretty great about myself, when my giant 15 year old boy crept down the stairs. "What are you doing home?" I shrieked. He lazily rubbed his eyes and replied, "No one woke me up again." Maybe I'm not such a great mom today after all. Perhaps I should keep a head count as my children walk out the door in the morning.


  1. amy, all your stories are hilarious. i love this one. and i love your "giant 15 year old boy"

  2. Hahaha! Thank you so much for sharing this story! I loved it so much.

  3. Amy, I could not stop laughing after reading this. I think Heavenly Father sent us children to keep us grounded. I love reading your stories, they are so vivid and colorful. You have a unique sense of style with your writing. I can hardly wait for your first book.