Saturday, March 14, 2009

Faith is Under Attack Do We have Freedom of Religion or Freedom FROM Religion

If you click on the title of this post it will take you to an article about a NC Judge ordering 3 home-schooled children to the public school.  I find it horrifying that judges think they can take children that are achieving more than their public school peers and decide the parent is incapable of homeschooling.  

It seems every day we are losing our fundamental principles.  I was shocked when visiting China how the rhetoric of their country sounds so like ours.  This was never more apparent than in our discussions about religion.  In China the people "our free from religion"  in other words the people are "free" from ever having to hear about other's religion.  As I listened about their many freedoms I shuddered that the same rhetoric is having affect here in the good USA.  We need to beware of the new "freedoms" being forced upon us: freedom from failing, freedom from debt, freedom from medical expenses.  These freedoms are shackles. 

When did we lose the right to educate our children the way we deem best?  How can a judge take a mother's right away from her merely because she is teaching a Christian curriculum.  Our we to be "Free from religion" even in our own homes?  

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