Sunday, March 1, 2009

Carpet Update

I thought you might want to know the final chapter to my carpet woes.  After waiting a few days for the new yellow spots all over my beige carpet to fade, I realized that I was going to have to take matter into my own hands.  

I got  the Bissell out again and this time I filled the water chamber with bleach and hot water.  I realized it was risky, but I couldn't live in a house that looked like a bunch of camels hung out (even though a friend said I could redecorate with palm trees and such). So I ran the Bissell quickly over all of the yellowed areas.  

Whah lah!! Stains gone. I then kept going over the entire carpet with the bleech water so the carpet would match evenly. I have to say they turned out great. I have my old carpet back (you know the carptet I thought I hated).  I love it today.  I don't even mind the faint green outline where the oil paint had been two weeks ago.  It is a miracle. 

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